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Renal failure can be cured?

2017-05-02 19:25
Are suffering from chronic renal failure in patients with chronic renal failure can be cured? In general, the treatment of this disease is not cured, according to the patient's choice of treatment, so let us look at the following.
On chronic renal failure can cure this problem, our hospital experts pointed out that, first of all, patients should be based on the stage of the disease to determine treatment. Renal compensatory period should actively treat the primary disease, protect and guard against kidney damage from other external factors, such as the use of drugs to prevent kidney damage, renal dysfunction should be to prevent or eliminate the aggravating factors. Relieve the symptoms and prevent the progressive deterioration of renal function; chronic renal failure treatment should limit protein intake, correction of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance disorders. Positive symptomatic treatment of uremia in the late stage of dialysis or renal transplantation should be replaced.
Secondly, on the treatment of chronic renal failure, the experts focus on the adoption of Chinese and French patients, because of the treatment of chronic renal failure in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is better than western medicine. Because of the treatment of chronic renal failure by western medicine, hormone therapy is often used, but the treatment of hormone can only relieve the temporary condition and the side effects are easy to recur. Chinese medicine is not a traditional Chinese medicine, the effect is obvious and is not easy to relapse, painless no side effects, so the therapy of traditional Chinese medicine for chronic renal failure has great advantages.
What is the treatment of renal failure
Kidney failure can be cured, how to treat? In traditional Chinese medicine ion penetration, the first Chinese high-tech ionization treatment, application in kidney area location, then connect a high-tech ion penetration instrument, the traditional Chinese medicine ion directly penetrate into the kidney, removing stasis and promoting new passive, accelerate and repair the kidney The new supersedes the old., eradication of kidney destroy material. So as to eliminate the cause of disease, eliminate the induction, repair and adjust the immune system, balance the Yin and Yang of the body, change the pathological structure of the kidney, and restore the function of the kidney.
On the introduction of this situation, the hospital has also introduced a lot of experts, I do not know whether it is helpful to you, there is no clear welcome online consulting experts. Wish good health.
Alert to early detection and early treatment of renal failure signa

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