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How to care for patients with chronic renal failure, home ca

2017-05-03 08:49
Nursing is the diagnosis and treatment of human response to existing or potential health problems." From this definition, modern nursing is a science that studies how to diagnose and deal with the response of human beings to existing or potential health problems. The emphasis is on "human behavior response", which is reflected in people's response to one thing from the aspects of physiology, psychology, society, culture and spirit. Such as the behavior of patients with myocardial infarction can be expressed as: physical pain, chest tightness, shortness of breath,; psychology -- fear; social care -- relative units; culture -- the disease knowledge and understanding; Spirit -- whether by nurses and doctors attention and respect. Patients with kidney disease as a result of the disease, the degree of disease in different patients need more care in the hospital and discharged home care (care)
Guo Bao Ye complex renal medicine treatment of kidney disease has been engaged in recent time, is currently the best hospital treatment of renal diseases, renal failure treatment best hospital, more than and 30 clinical nursing measures for chronic renal failure should pay attention to the following matters for medical experts:
(1) diet nursing:
Patients with chronic renal failure should avoid the use of soy products, it is best to use wheat starch and corn starch as staple food, recipes based on the main. According to the degree of renal function damage to regulate protein intake, the general daily intake of not more than 50g. For patients with a combination of edema, should be based on the "salty injury kidney", "light infiltration wet" principle, the diet should be light salty. For the infected patients should be Jifu spicy fish, hens and other heat volatiles.
(2) mental nursing:
The disease of chronic renal failure patients, long course of disease, the patient often has the pessimistic mood, you should contact the patient, encourage patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease, to eliminate concerns, and maintain good mental state. Only in this way can we restore the function of viscera and blood. Another part of the chronic renal failure patients in young patients, should be advised to avoid sexual desire, so as not to aggravate kidney injury.
(3) living care:
Chronic renal failure patients with syndrome differentiation is the imaginary turbidity resistance, are virtual health function, and obstruction of Qi and blood feud, camp blood disorders, prone to evil, and make the illness, so ward to ventilation, heating and cooling should be appropriate, should have sufficient sunshine, and do daily disinfection with vinegar fumigation.
(4) medication:
Patients with chronic renal failure often vomiting, traditional Chinese medicine decoction should be concentrated and a small number of points to take, if the drug into the spit, ginger juice can be used to point the tongue, or sugar ginger. Can DAB when vomiting patient back, after spitting with warm boiling water gargle, keep clean, the replacement of clothing and clothing pollution timely.
(5) oral care:
Chronic renal failure patients due to Spleen Yang, endogenous dampness, stomach Shangni, turbid pathogens of pan, and taste of urine and tongue thick and greasy, affect the appetite. Dirty gas, inhibition of spirit, so oral care is extremely important, before and after meals should gargle, wake up before going to bed after brushing. Obvious niaowei available when double and seven leaf flower water gargle, oral erosion, available Bingpengsan daub.
(6) skin care:
Chronic renal failure patients with diffuse evil, but also vulnerable to attack the skin, or due to lack of blood, blood deficiency caused by wind and skin itching, the patient is often itching and scratching the skin, it should pay attention to skin care, to prevent infection. Available water decoction of Fructus Kochiae scrub, and advised them to often take a bath, or sponge bath with warm water, the water temperature to 40 degrees is appropriate, the body sweating slightly, some of the benefits of cloud from the evil.

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