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How is kidney failure second period treated? Chronic renal f

2017-05-03 09:39

Renal failure is a pathological state of renal function caused by chronic kidney disease development to the late or complete loss, because the kidney has a strong compensatory reserve capacity, so the formation of renal failure is a slow and gradual process of development, clinical mainly divided into four stages:

First, the reduction of renal function (compensatory period), this stage is the beginning of the stage of kidney disease;

Two, renal insufficiency (renal failure decompensation period) in this stage of patients with polyuria, nocturia, mild nitrogen and anemia symptoms;

In the third stage, renal failure, the patient has obvious clinical manifestations, such as anemia, polyuria, nocturia, headache, nausea, fatigue, etc.;

The fourth stage, the end of uremia, a series of clinical symptoms of uremia poisoning. What symptoms do you have now? Do you know at what stage? Find online doctor

When patients in renal failure stage is the second stage of renal insufficiency, renal failure decompensation, glomerular filtration rate was 50 ~ 20ml/min, 186 ~ 446 mol/L, serum creatinine, creatinine clearance rate decreased to normal 25%-30%, the patient will appear polyuria, fatigue, anorexia, weight loss and other clinical manifestations, if at this time of infection or surgery can aggravate the clinical symptoms, treatment of this time is critical, if patients take effective treatment can prevent the deterioration of the process, the process of renal fibrosis reversal, promote kidney rehabilitation, the patient can be gradually improved and recovery, if at this time there is no treatment, left unchecked or used incorrect treatment can make the disease continues to deteriorate, increase after treatment difficulty, also can enter into the infinite dialysis uremia stage.

Complex renal medicine as "external treatment for internal diseases" founder, from the start of an examination by special spiral renal ECT, sensitively reflect the changes of tissue function of kidney disease caused by the change of kidney damage, every nephropathy patients with renal failure location, changes in blood and kidney function damage, prognosis and treatment were provide accurate information, thus greatly improve the efficacy, and make a judgment on the therapeutic effect of high precision. (a detailed understanding of the ECT instrument) through joint consultation team of top domestic experts, according to the inspection results for the development of personalized treatment of patients, one party, dialectical therapy, from the root cause of treatment, blocking the progression of the disease, and can quickly repair precision damaged or diseased cells; promote cell regeneration and activation of residual renal function. Recovery, effective protection of residual renal units, improve kidney function, so as to improve the quality of life of patients, prolong life.

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