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Methods of preventing acute renal failure

2017-05-03 10:36

Acute renal failure, is a clinical critical disease. This is a disease caused by a variety of causes of acute kidney injury, within a few hours or days to nephron regulating function decreased dramatically, so as not to maintain fluid balance and electrolyte excretion of metabolites, and cause hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis and acute uremia syndrome, the clinical syndrome known as acute renal function failure. This article will introduce the methods of preventing acute renal failure.

Prevention of acute renal failure:

To the five internal organs, living, usually on a diet, pay attention to hygiene, avoid evil, especially in the infectious disease epidemic season and regions should strengthen preventive measures; however, eat spicy Atsumi sunburn Huang, to prevent the breeding of damp heat; regulating emotions, maintain a happy, make blood unobstructed and avoid the occurrence of qi stagnation and blood stasis; strengthen physical exercise to improve the body's defenses.

Methods of preventing acute renal failure two:

Poisoning prevention. Relevant data show that 20% ~ 50% of acute renal failure caused by drugs, and some of the exposure to harmful substances caused by. Therefore, we should try to avoid the use and exposure to drugs or toxins that are toxic to the kidneys. In case of accidental ingestion or contact should be found and treated early.

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