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What is the cause of renal failure

2017-05-05 18:22

Disease leading to renal failure

Renal failure is a pathological condition in which some or all of the renal function is caused by the development of kidney disease. A variety of chronic kidney disease can lead to progressive decline in renal function, eventually developed into renal failure. Some chronic diseases that may lead to chronic renal failure include primary glomerulonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, tubulointerstitial nephropathy, polycystic kidney disease, and so on.

Drug-induced renal failure

In the investigation of many patients with renal failure, renal damage caused by improper use of nephrotoxic drugs was observed. For example, painkillers, painkillers containing phenacetin, long-term kidney damage caused by continuous use, chronic interstitial nephritis, and to the development of renal failure; in addition to the improper use of drugs such as gentamicin like can cause renal failure.

Inappropriate use of nephrotoxic drugs will rapidly increase the severity of the disease, leading to the rapid occurrence of renal failure. But the patient is not Yinyefeishi, if these drugs play its role under the guidance of professional doctors, and adopt corresponding measures to control on renal toxicity, the drug has advantages of renal toxicity treatment play out, take corresponding measures to restrict the renal toxicity, so as to make use of these drugs outweigh harm.Misdiagnosis of chronic renal failure

Some of the symptoms of kidney disease due to other similar, easy to cause misdiagnosis, delay the disease, so that the deterioration of kidney disease, kidney damage, resulting in chronic renal failure. For example, some patients with nephropathy appear symptoms of anemia, from the patient's perspective because of the lack of common sense on the basis of kidney disease, anemia, of mild symptoms such as fatigue, fatigue, hypertension, frequent nocturia and ignore the economic conditions of the delayed disease; from the doctor said to meet the diagnostic symptoms, ignoring the accompanying no complications, and do the relevant checks is the cause of misdiagnosis, delay the illness, resulting in chronic renal failure.


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