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What are the causes of kidney failure?

2017-05-05 18:59

1, trauma

The war caused by the trauma of acute renal failure, there is a close relationship between mortality and war. In recent years, due to the development of transport, so that the wounded in a short period of time after the injury to the hospital, severe trauma, such as crush injury, burns, trauma, trauma, infection, etc. can be timely treatment. As a result, the number of deaths from acute renal failure in the death statistics has been greatly reduced.

2, infection

Biliary tract or gastrointestinal surgery, some resistant to antibiotics of bacteria often cause septicemia or attenuated hemorrhagic shock; acute pyelonephritis, severe renal papillary necrosis, which can lead to acute renal failure, often difficult to effectively treat.

3, other organs of the original disease

Such as acute myocardial infarction, acute pancreatitis, abdominal visceral perforation, can lead to renal failure. If active and effective treatment of renal failure, the patient can not die of uremia, but can die of severe primary disease.

4, cytoplasmic poisoning

Acute poisoning can cause shock, no urine, pulmonary edema and death. Carbon tetrachloride poisoning, sometimes caused by acute tubular necrosis at the same time, a wide range of liver damage, and even acute yellow atrophy of liver; acute renal failure, although successful rescue, patients can die of liver failure.


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