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Creatinine 238.8 protein 3 renal failure can be cured?

2017-05-06 08:44

Creatinine 238.8, protein 3 was diagnosed as chronic renal failure. Can be cured? Found more than 1 months, the unit was found when the physical examination, but also accompanied by high blood pressure, mild anemia, as well as high parathyroid hormone 139. Basically do a comprehensive inspection, the other no abnormal indicators, and it is now accurate to find more than and 4 months ago, only found hypertension. The doctor said to be careful not to catch a cold, avoid eating. Lived for half a month, no change, hospitalization is infusion, as well as medicine, Nifedipine Controlled Release Tablets. Metoprolol tartrate, three. Haikunshenxi. There is a tablet, Jinshuibao, probably these. Can you tell me how well this is done or how best to treat it?.

Doctor solution

I do not know if you are diagnosed with renal failure, or your situation is the early stage of renal failure, after a positive and effective treatment can be completely restored to normal. Traditional Chinese medicine is the best treatment. But the traditional Chinese medicine decoction of traditional Chinese medicine and medicine due to weak, often unable to effectively control the disease. This also led to some patients lost confidence in traditional Chinese medicine, but we believe that this is also a reason, but also a way to change. From the point of view of traditional Chinese medicine: if you put aside the dialectic is not accurate. The drawbacks of traditional oral medicine in medicine is too weak.

Statistics show that: even if the decoction of Chinese medicine after a long time of 1-2 hours of boiling, effective analysis is also 30% - 40%. Coupled with a lot of Chinese herbal medicine treatment institutions are used for artificial cultivation, although it can not be called "counterfeit", but the effective ingredients with respect to natural wild Chinese herbal medicine is greatly reduced, it is an indisputable fact. So is the Chinese medicine, there are disadvantages to weak. And Chinese medicine that: pill, slow also. A lot of proprietary Chinese medicine pill is very slow, often unable to catch up with the speed of disease progression. Therefore, even in the premise of dialectical accuracy, many times it is difficult to effectively control the oral Chinese medicine.

Therefore, we recommend that you use the strong efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine to treat. Our hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment + kidney factor biological therapy "is a kind of external therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, strong efficacy, follow the principle of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine disease and waist for kidney Fu, administered by patients with the lumbar area, with acupoint stimulation, 5-10 times stronger than oral medication efficacy, can effectively control the disease in patients with renal failure!

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