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Slow therapy for chronic renal failure

2017-05-06 17:52

Chronic renal failure duration is generally longer, in this long process, in addition to the treatment of drugs, mood, diet and daily life are strictly controlled, so that the red sun nephropathy hospital experts put forward on the basis of chronic renal failure patients to "slow" treatment.

In patients with chronic renal failure often because of repeated entanglement condition and a big headache, some patients may even become depressed all day, lead to more serious illness make blind and disorderly conjectures, and some deterioration into uremia. In fact, I feel a direct impact on patients with chronic renal failure patients, and gradually because of righteousness consumption, depression, anxiety impairs the spleen, spleen, kidney damage, will make the illness worse.

In addition, sometimes the impact of external factors on the patient's emotion is relatively large, such as family, work, economic, interpersonal relationships, will make the body function disorder, chronic renal failure patients relapse or aggravation of the nursing staff to do work for the comfort of persuasion problem. Among them, it is very important to cultivate the interests of patients,

Create a good therapeutic environment. Family members and medical staff should pay attention to patient care, take the initiative to understand the patient's condition and needs, culture of patients with flowers, aviculture, listening to music and elegant atmosphere not so tired of interest, so that patients have spiritual sustenance, to restore confidence and self-esteem.

In the diet, to distinguish the actual situation, then fill the empty means for blood, flesh and blood visible high quality protein is important, milk, eggs, fish, meat and so on. But can't stay up, fill, fill, or false not fill, even hinder evil help wet, this must make up and section.

Finally, the daily life of patients with chronic renal failure is very important, restricted to adapt to climate change four. On the occasion of the spring and summer, the weather changed from cold to hot, in addition to the corresponding changes in the clothing on the increase or decrease, but also should go to bed early and get up early to do some outdoor sports, such as walking, etc.. But also to ensure adequate rest, not fatigue, otherwise easy to aggravate the condition.

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