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Anti renal failure to prevent dead angle

2017-05-06 17:53

Anti renal failure to prevent dead angle

1, infection. The most important thing is not to be infected, this patient is infected, immediately edema, urine immediately hematuria, proteinuria. Even the blood pressure is high and the renal function is impaired. The most common infection in winter season is cold, cold resistance down quickly, and Chinese think the concept of cold is small, or people will think of a cold may cause heart disease, but people do not think of a cold will be a threat to the kidney. Therefore, a cold is not a minor ailment, it is related to the health of our main organs, including the kidneys. Summer and autumn season is the most vulnerable to infection of the digestive tract infection, diarrhea caused by dehydration, kidney function is maintained by the renal blood flow, dehydration will cause a reduction in renal blood flow, so that renal insufficiency.

2, prevention of urinary tract obstruction. Some elderly people with poor bladder hypertrophy, or urinary tract stones, to deal with immediately. Obstruction after the flow of urine is not smooth, poor flow of urine is sure to make the bacteria easy to breed, causing infection. In addition, obstruction has been easy to affect renal function. Obstruction and infection are double damage to the kidneys.

3, drug damage to the kidney. Renal toxicity drugs such as aminoglycoside drugs, renal damage is obvious. There are anti-inflammatory analgesic, anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs because of inhibition of prostaglandins, often reducing the flow of blood in the kidney, just like the diarrhea, just like, will damage the renal function. Kidney disease medication should be particularly careful.

In particular, it is generally believed that Chinese medicine taken from the natural, so that there is no toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine, you can rest assured that eating traditional Chinese medicine. But in recent years, it has been found that there is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that can cause kidney disease. For women to lose weight, in Europe, Japan, they found it, and now the animal test also proved. Once there was an old Chinese medicine for Longdanxiegan pill in addition to acne, qingrehuashi, Longdanxiegan medicinal, reduce the symptoms of damp heat, is a beauty. But inadvertently hurt the kidney, the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is the three generation of renal failure. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine is not one hundred percent safe, do not mess with traditional Chinese medicine.

4, trauma surgery. To a lot of surgical anesthesia, surgery is effect of renal blood flow, and the drug will directly affect the kidney, surgery may be bleeding, tissue injury, will affect the kidney, trauma and surgery often increase the burden on the kidneys, renal function should pay attention to this time, or trauma surgery may do the surgery itself, but kidney function damage.

5, pregnancy. Kidney disease itself, pregnancy is equal to is responsible for two people, increased the burden on the kidneys, some women can also be pregnant slowly after kidney disease a see, kidney can not afford, sometimes forced to terminate the pregnancy. So there is a kidney disease of women of childbearing age, when pregnant, pregnant should pay attention to what, we must be careful from.

6, eat too much, resulting in electrolyte disorders. Electrolyte disorders can also affect kidney function, now a lot of banquet, eating and drinking, eat a lot of protein, eat a lot of greasy things, eat a lot of salt, will cause the change of renal function. Such as salt to eat more, easy to cause water sodium retention. Sodium and water retention of blood pressure is easy, edema increased, because the salt is to rely on the excretion of the kidney, equal to increase the burden on the kidneys. In addition to eat more protein, metabolic products are also equal to increase the burden on the kidneys, eat more, glomerular sclerosis.

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