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What are the causes of acute renal failure?

2017-05-23 09:56

The kidney is a vulnerable organ is the most busy organ, in order to avoid renal failure, we reduce the kidney damage, then let us go to have a look at the causes of acute renal failure in what!

Experts say that there are many causes of acute renal failure. According to the etiology, the acute renal failure is divided into the following five clinical types.

Renal failure

(I) shock type acute renal failure: shock caused by various causes can lead to acute renal failure. The common causes are hemorrhage, imbalance of water and electrolyte, cardiac circulatory failure and so on.

(two) infectious acute renal failure: bacterial, viral and fungal infections can be associated with acute renal failure. The main viral infections of acute renal failure are viral pneumonia, encephalitis, hepatitis, epidemic hemorrhagic fever and so on. | medical education network bacterial infection especially gram negative infection can cause acute renal failure.

(three) extrusion acute renal failure: caused by severe crush injury. The pathogenic factors and clinical process are very complicated. It is a common and important type in the clinic.

(four) hemolytic acute renal failure: transfusion of incompatible blood group, massive transfusion of old blood, mechanical hemolysis can be complicated with acute renal failure. The main cause of the disease is disseminated intravascular coagulation.

(five) acute renal failure caused by poisoning: there are many kinds of poisons causing acute renal failure, which can be classified into the following four groups: 1. Heavy metal compounds such as mercury. Organic compounds such as DDT, dichlorvos and so on. The biological toxins such as venom and mushroom etc.. Nephrotoxic drugs, such as nephrotoxic antibiotics.

Through the above experts of causes of acute renal failure in the introduction, you must have some understanding of it, for it never let down, should cause enough attention, with treatment only good can recover soon.

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