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Treatment of renal failure must follow certain principles

2017-05-31 09:23

Know a lot of people in life, kidney failure is a more serious disease, it will cause a lot of complications, but also in the treatment of difficult, so in the end of renal failure will make patients appear dangerous what symptom? Here we will introduce seven relatively common symptoms, I hope patients friends can do a good job of prevention of these diseases.

First, kidney failure can cause digestive system diseases

For kidney failure, it can cause symptoms of thirst, anorexia, nausea and vomiting. This is the symptom of serious digestive system diseases. The patients with severe renal failure suffer from nasal bleeding or digestive tract bleeding. Therefore, for patients with renal failure should be enhanced care.

Two. Kidney failure can lead to cardiovascular disease

For patients with renal failure, with the progress of the disease, blood pressure will rise in varying degrees, and eventually develop into hypertension. But the long-term hypertension, can cause in patient's urine toxin accumulation, the water, the electrolyte and so on the disorder, brings the serious harm to the patient. There are some diseases in the cardiovascular system, so attention should be paid to patients with renal failure.

Three, kidney failure can cause hematopoietic diseases

The majority of patients with renal failure anemia, this is mainly due to the weakening of the patient's kidney hematopoietic function, erythropoietin reduced, resulting in anemia. This anemia can lead to the accumulation of uremic toxins in the patient, as well as the carboxylic acid and malnutrition in the blood cell lifespan. Bring severe harm to the patient.

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