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What are the symptoms of both kidney failure?

2017-06-26 16:04
Because the kidney function is very important, so when it fails, there will be a variety of problems, in addition to lead to the body of liquid and metabolic substances out of the body, but also lead to anemia and facial symptoms of yellowing. After these symptoms, please check the treatment. Let's take a look at the symptoms of kidney failure.
Drowsiness and fatigue
This may be the early manifestation of illness, but the most easily overlooked, because the cause of drowsiness, fatigue is indeed too many reasons. Especially those who in the cause of "full fight" people, most of them attributed to the work of tension and fatigue. If a little rest after the symptoms improved, it is more likely to be ignored.
Face yellowing
This is caused by anemia. Because of the slowness of the occurrence and development of this performance, there will be no obvious contrast for a long time, as people often meet to see the slow development of the other changes.
This is a more perceptible symptom. This is because the kidneys can not remove excess water in the body and lead to liquid retention in the tissue gap, early only the ankle and eyelid edema, after the break, if the development of persistent or systemic edema, the condition has been more serious.
Change in urine volume
Due to decreased renal filtration function, some patients with the progress of urine output will gradually reduce. Even if the normal urine output, due to the reduction of toxins from the urine, but also make the waste can not be completely excreted. Therefore, urine output does not fully explain your kidney function is good or bad.
Because the kidney has a row of sodium, drainage function. So the damage of the kidney when the body will occur sodium and water retention, in addition, the damaged kidneys will secrete some of the high blood pressure of the material. Therefore, patients with renal failure early with varying degrees of hypertension. If due to high blood pressure and blood coagulation caused by nasal or bleeding gums, but also to attract attention.
Poor appetite
This is caused by toxins retention affect the digestive function, most people will not agree. To be progression of the disease, there will be abdominal discomfort discomfort, nausea, vomiting, and even increased the number of stool or loose stools, which is often the patient had to seek medical treatment important reason.
The above is for the symptoms of renal failure to do a detailed description of renal failure above the symptoms, there is no doubt that will seriously affect the patient's daily life, physical health and even mental health. Due to the serious harm of renal failure, will make the patient's kidney more and more weak, the body also appears more and more problems, so please timely treatment.

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