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What examinations should be done for chronic renal failure in children?

2017-09-01 17:45

If the child is suffering from the disease, then the impact on a family is very large, so parents should do regular checking work for their children. So, what examinations should be done for chronic renal failure in children?

Urine urine protein general (+)-(+ +), renal dysfunction was significantly reduced when the anti proteinuria. The microscopic examination of urinary sediment has different degrees of hematuria and tubular urine, and the broad and broad waxy tube type has diagnostic value for chronic renal failure. The specific gravity of the urine decreased to less than 1.018, or fixed to about 1.010, and the urine osmolality was below 450MOSM/KG.

Blood routine examination, hemoglobin reduction, generally below 80G/L, 50G/L, for normal shape, positive color anemia, normal or reduced white blood cells. When the infection or serious acidosis occurs, the white blood cell may rise, the platelet will be normal or lower, and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate will increase rapidly.

Blood biochemical examination, plasma total protein, 60G/L, albumin, 30, G=, L=, 2MMOL=, L=1. 6MMOL/L, blood potassium, sodium, chloride, CO2CP, anion gap change with the disease.

Other X-ray abdominal plain film, B ultrasonography, renal radionuclide scanning, CT and magnetic resonance imaging to determine the shape and size of the kidney and urinary obstruction, hydronephrosis, stones, cysts and tumors are very helpful. Chronic renal failure with reduced renal volume (except for polycystic kidney and renal tumors) is a characteristic change.

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