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What are the treatments for chronic renal failure in children?

2017-09-01 17:49

For children with chronic renal failure, this disease needs to be treated as early as possible, because of kidney diseases, hazards are relatively large. Especially children, if there is a problem of kidney function, the physical damage is very large. So what are the treatments for chronic renal failure in children?

We should strive for early diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, removal of the cause of disease, if there is delay, although the removal of the cause, the damage of renal tissue has been difficult to recover. If the disease due to urinary tract obstruction, should do the corresponding surgical treatment, but the children are often in poor renal function, can not tolerate too much surgery, can be done nephrostomy or suprapubic suprapubic drainage, in order to facilitate drainage. If there is persistent or intermittent pyuria, should actively control the infection, and follow-up.

For patients with end-stage renal disease or difficult to recover renal failure, chronic hemodialysis has been used in recent years to enable many patients to survive or return to normal life.

The ultimate goal of treatment for end-stage renal failure is renal transplantation. The success rate in foreign countries 5 years old children with renal transplantation with the same adult kidney transplant before (in order to make the lives of children continued to wait for a suitable donor kidney) or after renal transplantation rejection, which depends on chronic hemodialysis effectively.

Kidney failure is a possible cause of death and must be treated with caution. Especially children, if unfortunately suffered from chronic renal failure in children, the parents on the one hand need to lead the children to the hospital for regular treatment, on the other hand, parents also need to learn how to take care of children with renal failure, in order to avoid deterioration, it is difficult to control.

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