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Poor eating habits can lead to kidney failure

2017-10-13 16:23

Renal failure refers to kidney function failure which contains acute kidney failure and chronic kidney failure.Renal failure patients often accompanied by hypertension, anemia, water and electrolyte imbalance and other symptoms. In recent years, the number of patients with renal failure has increased significantly, in addition to life stress factors, the bad eating habits is one of the incentives.

Poor eating habits can lead to kidney failure


Eating too much, the burden of the kidney increased, many people are unknowingly eat out of kidney disease. Kidney is an important organ in the body responsible for excreting waste and toxins. Eat too much will increase the burden on the kidneys, long-term so, the kidney is naturally easy to get sick.

2. salty

Eating too salty is also easy to cause high blood pressure. Hypertension is a systemic disease, which often occurs with kidney disease, in recent years, the incidence of hypertension caused by renal damage rising. Therefore, the daily life should adhere to less salt diet.

3. too sweet, over oil

Eat too sweet, too much oil will not only increase the burden on the kidneys, but also lead to obesity. Obesity can lead to an increase in kidney fat content, increased weight, increased volume, glomerular hypertrophy. Obese patients are also prone to insulin resistance, which in turn causes diabetes. About 40% of diabetic patients will develop diabetic nephropathy, which is one of the most difficult to treat kidney disease.

4. Excessive intake of protein

Protein eat too much, will lead to increased blood uric acid concentration in the body, triggering hyperuricemia. Blood uric acid concentration increased toxicity of the kidney is very large, it is easy to cause renal tubular and renal interstitial lesions, and finally developed into chronic renal failure that is uremia.

The above is about the bad eating habits lead to kidney failure related to the introduction, if you have kidney disease, it is necessary to limit the diet of daily life, different patients eat the diet is different, if necessary, you can have a free consultation with our online experts, we will give you a professional guidance.

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