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Eat instant noodles easily lead to kidney failure

2017-10-13 16:29

Instant noodles is now most of the office workers favorite, and sometimes because of working hours of urgency, or work overtime late, no food, instant noodles become a common scene, but noodles should not eat too much which has Great harm to the human body.

Eat instant noodles easily lead to kidney failure

1. Eat instant noodles may cause kidney failure

Instant noodles are generally used to fry, because the fry will be subtracted from the surface of the water, can extend the shelf life. But these oils after oxidation into oxidized lipid paste on the cake, people will be taken into the body when the accumulation of blood vessels or other organs, to speed up the aging of people, and cause atherosclerosis, leading to cerebral hemorrhage, heart disease, Kidney disease and so on.

2. completely no nutrition all fat

First of all, most of the instant noodles are fried, the bread itself contains high oil. In addition, in order to delicious instant noodles spices usually have 2-3 bags, one is the liquid oil bag, or add the animal oil sauce bag; the other is salt, taste, fine, spices and other mixed subcontract, and some A small amount of dehydrated vegetables. The first ingredient of the spices is fat. If it is a sauce bag, grease content is usually more than 50%. If it is oil, containing more than 95% fat. And vegetables in the vegetables because of severe dehydration is basically no nutrition at all.

3. Eat instant noodles will become stupid

This is not alarmist, the study found to maintain and improve the normal physiological function of the brain, must have lecithin, protein, sugar, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E and B vitamins and other eight nutrients. And delicious and convenient instant noodles but do not have more than a variety of nutrition, often eat the brain will make long-term lack of nutrition and stupid. Since there are so many shortcomings of instant noodles, why is it abandoned it? For a variety of reasons, which is nothing less than because instant noodles really convenient, you can immediately eat. In fact, many healthy food can also meet your convenient needs.

4, instant noodles too high salt easily lead to high blood pressure

A pack of instant noodles salt content is usually 2 to 3 grams, if the three meals a day eat instant noodles, daily intake of sodium salt content will be exceeded, the risk of suffering from high blood pressure will rise. And most people eat instant noodles will be like to add ham sausage, ham's sodium content is also considerable. If often with two to eat together, the risk of suffering from high blood pressure will be significantly increased several times.

The above is to eat instant noodles harm, no matter how busy is life, should eat or eat no instant noodles, instant noodles to bring harmless people, kidney disease patients in daily life must pay more attention to the diet Control, if you still have questions about it you can consult our online experts.

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