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Nursing methods for patients with chronic renal failure

2017-10-14 16:36

There are many causes of chronic renal failure, in addition to congenital dysplasia, there is suffering from congenital polycystic kidney disease, hereditary nephritis, hypertension, connective tissue and other diseases caused by renal insufficiency, resulting in significant renal Damage atrophy, loss of normal functioning, the body of metabolic acid and alkali salt disorders, and some called uremia, chronic kidney function is very serious, so pay strict attention .

Nursing methods for patients with chronic renal failure

First, the body of salt and water intake, must be 24 hours a day at any time to record the patient's water and salt intake, control of water intake, often the body temperature. Some patients have more urine output, but no obvious edema, renal insufficiency, it is recommended to drink more water, so the metabolism will rule out more metabolites.

Second,reasonable diet, to ensure that the body has enough nutrition, consumption of high-quality high protein used to supplement the human body needs amino acids, there is the need to control the diet light, eat some fresh Vegetables and fruits, not too greasy, because it is not easy to digest, food is best to contain vitamin B, folic acid, vitamin c and so on.

Third, rest and care, chronic renal failure patients must pay attention to rest, not too tired, for patients with chronic renal failure should not be a long exercise, but for a long time bedridden patients, or should be appropriate Exercise, which is conducive to the recovery of the disease, improve endurance, but also to avoid muscle atrophy.

For patients with chronic renal failure, also need to prevent infection, because the patient's resistance to a serious decline in disease resistance is poor, so we should pay attention to keep the room clean, To be frequent disinfection, there is the digestive tract, skin, respiratory and urinary tract infections, regular cleaning, but it is best not to use soap and alcohol, if you still have questions of chronic kidney failure need to consult, you can contact Our online expert, for you to develop a reasonable care program.

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