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Diet therapy for patients with chronic renal failure

2017-10-14 16:41

Chronic renal failure patients due to glomerular effective filtration function diminished, the kidneys can not effectively remove the body's metabolic waste, resulting in accumulation of toxins in the body, resulting in a series of symptoms. To reduce the damage to the body of toxins, on the one hand to strengthen the removal of toxins, on the one hand to reduce the intake of nutrients toxin, as far as possible to reduce the burden on the kidneys. To this end, chronic renal failure in patients with diet is very important.

Diet therapy for patients with chronic renal failure

First, non-dialysis patients: the overall principle is low salt, high quality low protein, low phosphorus, low purine diet.

Salt intake too much, resulting in sodium and water retention, causing edema and high blood pressure, in addition, excessive salt intake will affect the efficacy of antihypertensive drugs, low-salt diet is the most basic treatment of patients with chronic renal failure, suffering from edema Patients should be strictly controlled salt.

High-quality low-protein diet, on the one hand to ensure the normal metabolism of the body, and will not make patients with malnutrition, on the other hand, can reduce the burden on patients with kidney, so that uremic toxins will not be too high.

Phosphorus is rich in nature, all foods contain phosphorus, especially animal foods, nuts phosphorus content is high. Phosphorus is water-soluble, under normal circumstances, most of the phosphorus is discharged from the urine, with the decline of renal function, phosphorus accumulation in the body, causing calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders, and finally cause chronic kidney disease, minerals and bone metabolism disorders. To this end, it is recommended that the daily intake of phosphorus in patients with chronic renal failure control in the 800-1000mg, because the phosphorus is water-soluble, high phosphorus content in the soup, the proposed patients do not drink, at the same time, it is recommended not to eat nuts, Soy products and other phosphorus-rich foods.

Low purine diet, chronic renal failure patients, due to uric acid excretion disorder, uric acid is usually increased. Hyperuricemia in addition to causing gout, but also cause vascular endothelial injury. Uric acid is the final product of purine metabolism. The study found that high levels of uric acid and food purine content is proportional to. To this end, patients with chronic renal failure should take a low purine diet.

Second, non-dialysis patients: for patients with dialysis, the overall principle and non-dialysis patients are basically the same, due to the use of dialysis treatment, in order to ensure adequate nutrition and make up for the loss of dialysis, to ensure that nitrogen balance, protein intake should increase.

Patients with chronic renal failure regardless of whether the dialysis treatment, diet therapy should first ensure that the basis of basic metabolic needs, adequate calorie on the basis of the disease can be given appropriate high fever card food. In short, chronic kidney failure diet treatment is the basis of the entire treatment, the need for long-term adherence. If you have any questions about diet, you can consult our online experts.

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