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Timetable of liver and kidney detoxification

2017-12-05 10:25

The liver is an important detoxifying organ. After a series of chemical reactions in the liver, various toxins become non-toxic or low toxic substances. Here we are going to see the timetable of liver and kidney detoxification.

9 to 11 a.m.: the time of detoxification of the spleen and liver

The main function of the spleen to repair the spleen is to digest, absorb and transmit nutrients to various organs of the body. Raising the spleen can not only make us have a good body, but also make the skin bright and luster.

During the detoxification, you can do the abdominal massage and try to relax the brain as far as possible. Excessive use of the brain can also cause damage to the spleen, and you can listen to soft music to relieve stress and stress.

Timetable of liver and kidney detoxification

11 noon - 1pm: liver detoxification time

The heart is the most important part of all organs and the core part. Lunch can eat some food such as longan, heart, spleen and heart can. In addition, this time is the peak of the heart beat speed, so this attention should not be intense exercise, if you can take a nap, it will be more beneficial to heart health.

5-7 p.m.: kidney detoxification time

This time is the best time for a day to exercise, and it can speed up the detoxification of the kidney. Suitable for sports such as jogging, walking, and twisting is good exercise, can stimulate the kidneys to play the role of massage.

7-9 o'clock in the evening: the time of detoxification of the heart and liver

Is a strong blood circulation time, this time can beat the heart bag through the arm, or the site of fossa cubitalis place, reflect the blood supply to the heart and brain blood circulation. In addition to this, it can also be active in the middle finger, because the middle finger corresponds to the pericardial Sutra, and the action in the projectile can move the pericardium.

9 -11 p. m.: the time for detoxification of the intrahepatic lymphatic system and the endocrine system

This period remember to relax and keep a good mood. It is possible to watch movies and listen to songs, but it is not suitable for listening to too loud music. In addition, it can be combined with some neck massage to help the lymphatic detoxification; or massage at the polar spring acupoints in the armpit of the human body, and also help the lymphatic drainage.


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