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3 symptoms in the process of the development of gout into re

2017-12-09 17:20

Gout is mainly due to the difficulty in excreting the uric acid in the body and accumulating on the joints. But the long-term gout, the accumulation of uric acid in the body, can also cause kidney damage, resulting in renal failure.

Some people feel only the pain, but they do not find the kidney is quietly "bad". The following three symptoms indicate a possible problem in the kidneys of the gout patients:

Hypertension: some gout patients themselves clearly have no history of hypertension, but they often check the high blood pressure when they are rechecked. This is mainly due to the decline of the kidneys' excess water and sodium after the kidneys are damaged, resulting in the retention of water and sodium in the blood vessels, which leads to the expansion of blood volume and the initiation of hypertension.

Therefore, in the process of reexamination, the patients of gout have found that the blood pressure is high, and the duration of the period is long. It should be on the alert, and the best examination of renal function should be carried out.

Serum creatinine: when uric acid is detected in gout patients, if we are careful, we can see that one indicator of uric acid is blood creatinine. Serum creatinine (creatinine) is an important indicator of renal function. The increase in creatinine means serious damage to the kidneys, and the renal function should be examined immediately.

Serum creatinine (SCr) normal value: male 53 ~ 106 umol / L (0.6 ~ 1.2 mg / dl); female 44 ~ 97 umol / L (0.5 ~ 1.1 mg / dl); children: 24.9~69.7 mol/L.

If your blood creatinine value exceeds the normal value many times, be sure to find out the cause, not to delay. (the standard of blood creatinine measurement in each hospital is different, and the index of the hospital is checked).

Albuminuria: basically 98% of the nephrotic patients will have albuminuria, the same gout kidney patients are no exception. Persistent proteinuria is a significant early symptom of gouty kidney patients.

Therefore, if there is a small foam in the urine and it is not easy to dissipate, the gout patients should pay attention to the medical treatment immediately and find early treatment. Moreover, both urinary protein and high uric acid are independent factors of renal damage, which can aggravate the decline of renal function.

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