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What is the effect of proteinuria on renal function?

2017-12-25 16:03

The kidneys are the organs that produce urine, and if the kidneys have problems, the urine changes are more obvious. However, almost no one usually pay attention to observe their urine, so often miss the signal of kidney disease.

What is the effect of proteinuria on renal function?

Normal urine does not contain the basic protein, if the urine test is clearly marked with a plus, indicating the leakage of protein. Because there are many factors that cause urinary protein, you want to determine whether it is caused by kidney disease, patients should be further checked, including the 24h urine protein, renal B ultrasound, renal function tests, blood tests, these four tests can basically determine whether there is a problem with the kidneys.

Proteinuria as an independent factor has great influence on the development of renal function. The more proteinuria is, the more serious the impairment of renal filtration function is. The persistent mass proteinuria will aggravate the progress of renal function.

Can there be albuminuria during uremia? Some people do not have urine in the period of uremia, how can there be albuminuria? This may not be the case, severe renal damage during uremia, resulting in decreased urine, the protein will also leak, may reduce leakage with the urine less.

How to treat it?

medical treatement. Chinese medicine clear serum toxic therapy, clean the kidney environment, relieve the kidney burden; hormones, immunosuppressive agents are commonly used in protein-lowering methods; Puli class and sartan class of antihypertensive drugs, but also reduce protein, protect renal function.

Food therapy. In order to improve the effectiveness of drug treatment, dietary supplements in life are indispensable.

Low-salt diet, reduce renal excretory stress but also reduce edema, high blood pressure, but also to give full play to the efficacy of the protein has a great help.

Low-protein diet, choose high-quality protein foods such as eggs, milk, lean meat, soy products, but to reduce the intake of more than ordinary people, to avoid excessive intake of protein, aggravating the situation of leakage of protein, thus aggravating the condition.

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