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Why can some people get rid of dialysis?

2018-01-16 15:56

Want to answer the question of "how to get rid of dialysis", we need to understand why patients with kidney disease need dialysis. Simply put, hemodialysis is the use of machines instead of the kidneys to complete the function of hemofiltration. Therefore, dialysis is only required for those with kidney disease who are temporarily or permanently unable to filter blood through their kidneys. Please note these two words: temporary or permanent.

Why can some people get rid of dialysis?

The truth of getting out of dialysis is only one: patients did not enter the uremic period. If you think that serum creatinine more than 707μmoI / L even uremia period, it is too naive. As the end of chronic kidney disease, how can uremia be judged by serum creatinine only? In particular, the value of serum creatinine can not accurately reflect the degree of renal damage. Because there is a "slow and urgent" factor.

Therefore, we can conclude that dialysis is not the worst outcome. For example, the same is more than 800 serum creatinine, also began to accept dialysis. However, some people stopped after a few times, while others went through dialysis regularly. The key is the urine output.

Some radical nephropathy doctors think that there is hope is there is urine output. It's not unjustified. Still have urine output, at least prove that the ability of the kidneys to drain still exists, to prove that the degree of renal cell necrosis has not deteriorated to the point where incapable of further increase, there is the hope of continuing treatment.

Even if the serum creatinine temporarily increased, but there is still room for decline. Even if the urine is gone, even dialysis is useless. Therefore, dialysis is not the worst result, no urine is.

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