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What is the cause of recurrent chronic kidney disease and ho

2018-02-03 15:32

Almost everyone is afraid of kidney disease repeatedly, each relapse of nephropathy, will cause a serious injury to the kidney. Chronic kidney disease, although it is difficult to completely cure, but patients can find a balance, that is to achieve steady state health - urine protein serum creatinine standard, stable blood pressure so, the clinical indicators remained stable in the target range, in maintaining this balance in the process, but also to avoid the recurrence of kidney disease is usually! Patients discharged from hospital, the doctor will be repeated again and again, in addition to the prescribed medication, self management and nursing care to do!

What is the cause of recurrent chronic kidney disease and how to avoid it?

Each recurrence, have a blow to the kidney, relapse several times, proteinuria may be more difficult to control, stable creatinine rise repeatedly is difficult to fall, hard down blood pressure and to eat what drugs do not work cycle, thus preventing the recurrence of kidney disease is really important how! To avoid the recurrence of kidney disease?

Do not mess with drugs: most drugs need to pass through the metabolism of the kidneys. If the kidneys are too toxic, they will not only protect the kidneys, but also stimulate the kidneys and cause recurrence.

Do not attempt to reduce drug withdrawal: many patients taking hormone, see the negative index on their own by drugs, drug withdrawal, the results will have a relapse, so can not stop to talk to a doctor, do not stop. In addition to hormone, and some other drugs too, such as Plymouth and sartan antihypertensive drugs many patients in remission, proteinuria, to stable proteinuria, protect renal function, need to continue to use.

Time laboratory review: nephropathy is a silent killer, not how much urine bubble to measure proteinuria, don't use the pain, acid acid to measure renal function, these symptoms are not reliable. The renal nephropathy, stable condition, can be 3 months to review the first index: urine routine, blood creatinine, urine protein, blood pressure normal.

Reasonable collocation diet, low salt diet, nutrition nephropathy patients required at different times are different, such as kidney disease early need to add more protein, and the latter in order not to affect the renal function is to reduce the intake of protein. In addition to fasting seafood, eat as low potassium or high potassium foods such as high salt diet. Lead to proteinuria rebound, so that to maintain a low salt diet in daily life habits around.2g salt can satisfy our body needs, nutritionists recommend patients with nephropathy can be almost every day 3G salt, not more than 6G, is not recommended to completely ban salt.


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