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More important than "curing" kidney disease, controlling the

2018-04-12 16:33

The first is the problem of blood pressure: both high blood pressure and kidneys affect each other and hurt each other. When the kidney is not damaged, take into account the role of regulating blood pressure. When the kidneys are damaged and the renal function declines, the blood pressure will be reduced by a force, gradually losing control and gradually increasing. The kidneys are the target organs for high blood pressure. And the first damage to the blood pressure is the kidneys. Hypertensive nephropathy followed. Therefore, it is important to maintain kidney pressure to control blood pressure.

More important than "curing" kidney disease, controlling these five risk factors

Hyperglycemia: One of the important duties of the kidneys is to remove metabolic waste from the blood. Sugar is a nutrient.If blood sugar levels in the body are too high, or the blood sandalwood in diabetics is not well controlled, these excess sugars can be turned into metabolic waste that is metabolized by the kidneys. The kidney at this time not only needs to clean up other metabolic wastes in the body, but also cleans blood sugar. A good kidney is exhausted, not to mention a damaged kidney.

Proteinuria: Proteinuria is one of the independent factors that damage the kidneys, that is, simple leakage of protein can damage kidney function. So patients must drop protein as soon as possible. Hormone is the most mainstream deproteinization method at present, regardless of the side effects of hormones, first to control the protein.

Bad habits: Bad habits are also one of the risk factors for kidney health. Tobacco and alcohol, staying up late, eating irregularities, and having no reasonable taboos are not conducive to the recovery of kidney disease.

Drugs: Nephrotic patients must be optimistic about ingredients and side effects before taking drugs containing non-steroidal ingredients as far as possible, and other antibiotics, contrast agents with nephrotoxic drugs can not be used.

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